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Best Games For Marvel Geeks 2015


     Best Games For Marvel Geeks 2015 has yet to see the release of a console system video game based on Marvel comics, and the only such game that appears to be on the way is another animated LEGO crossover. And according to Super Hero Hype, even that game, LEGO Marvel's Avengers, has been pushed back to a January 2016 release. So if you were hoping to load up your Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo with something Marvel-related this year—like, I don't know, maybe something to do with Avengers: Age Of Ultron—you're pretty much out of luck.

     But if anything the absence of major Marvel releases for consoles has emphasized just how many superhero games exist in other areas of the industry. Really, there's more than enough to go around. But in case you haven't found the Marvel game of your dreams, here are some to consider.

Marvel: Contest Of Champions

     If there's a definitive Marvel video game of 2015, it's this little app from Kabam (and, you know, Marvel). Set up as a pretty standard brawler infused with Marvel heroes and villains, it's actually a pretty enormous game, offering a wide range of different missions, achievements, and items to unlock. The downfall that a lot of critics have noted is that when you win one of the crystals that unlocks a new hero to play, the unlocking is completely random (meaning you can't hand-pick your favorite characters). You might get 15 Captain Americas before you get one Iron Man, for instance. Aside from this aggravating factor, the game is a lot of fun. It's also made use of its huge player base by introducing "alliances" that allow you to link up with other players to work together for greater rewards and achievements. But the real fun is just beating up Marvel characters with other Marvel characters, if we're being honest.

Marvel Heroes 2015

     I'm not sure you can dive into a piece of fiction more thoroughly than by inserting yourself into the coinciding MMORPG, and lo and behold that's just what you can do at the Marvel Heroes platform. I'm actually stunned that this game isn't talked about more. It's free, it was made by the guy who designed Diablo, it has a huge user base, and it involves just about every Marvel character imaginable. Even fringe folks (at least in modern cinematic terms) like Nova and Ghost Rider are available. Basically, if you're a fan of the movies, the comics, or both, this game is the best way to thoroughly immerse yourself in the comic giant's universe.

Marvel Slots

     That's not technically the title of any one game (I don't think), but instead a whole sub-genre of Marvel-related games that's emerged over the years. Basically, online casinos are always looking for new ways to engage players, and one of the best ones they've come up with is by sprinkling slot machine games with Marvel characters and settings. After all, what better way to geek out over your favorite movie superheroes than by interacting with them when you're not even playing an action or adventure game? As for the specific gaming titles, it depends where you're looking. GalaCasino has a fairly wide selection of Marvel titles, with Spider-Man: Attack Of The Green Goblin and Iron Man 2 titles among its most popular options.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

     This game came out back in 2011 for Playstation and Xbox devices. Even though it's a little outdated, I have to recognize it as one of the ultimate Marvel games, simply for its collection of playable characters. The Marvel vs. Capcom site lists 25 Marvel heroes and villains that you can take into classic brawler content against a range of popular names from Capcom's lengthy history of action gaming. And just like with the more modern Marvel: Contest Of Champions, the fun is pretty much in heading into combat with your favorite characters. Sure it gets repetitive, and there's not a whole lot of story going on, but this is not your destination for cinematic gaming content. It's meant to simply be a whole lot of fun for fans.

     Now go forth and game to your inner Marvel fan's content. Frankly it's been disappointing that such an incredibly popular movie studio has been so ineffective at producing noteworthy console games. But don't let that trick you into thinking there aren't some awesome games out there on other platforms.


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