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Coming in 2015...

       by Kyle Armstrong

With the year of 2015 just starting, there is much to look forward to, whether it is the return of a beloved franchise or the continuation of one whole universe. Coming out of such a good year for film, with films like Whiplash, Birdman, and Force Majeure, I am ready for 2015 and here is what I am most excited to see:

Fantastic Four: I am really worried about this film, we should be seeing something, posters, trailers, teasers, I will take anything. All we have is some set photos, which worries me, seeing the movie is coming out, I believe, sometime in August. From what we have heard, production has been back and fourth. I am intrigued by the cast the most, of Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller (Two actors that I am fond of), as well as the back and forth with the characters, I heard that Miles Teller was The Thing, now I hear he's actually Reed Richards (according to IMDB). I am excited for this movie purely because the first two I disliked (however the casting of Johnny Storm and The Thing were casted perfectly) and it seems like a fresh take on the tale (I just don't want an origin story. If there is one though, it won't kill my experience).

Silence: Martin Scorsese is one of my favorite directors and having watched most of his films, it feels odd to say that this doesn't have the feel of a Scorsese film, as far as the plot goes. The casting of Andrew Garfield feels odd to me, however, I trust Scorsese coming back from the smart satire that is Wolf of Wall Street. I feel that I can trust Scorsese and no longer holding the disappointing the Hustler sequel The Color of Money. Hearing about Liam Neeson and Scorsese working together again makes me pretty excited as well.

Jurassic World: I don't have high expectations for it because of the previous Jurassic Park sequels, however, I find myself excited to be seeing such a world again. I do believe we will so just about what we should, something old, something new. I just hope it is more than a Legendary film. I have no issues at all with Legendary, I liked Pacific Rim, with some of it's dumb moments and monster movie cheese, and I like the new Godzilla film, as well as the new King Kong (I believe it is also Legendary, but not too sure). I won't expect too much, but I am equally excited.

The Peanuts: I really want to see these characters again, it has been quite awhile since these characters have been in a cartoon of some sort. It may have that kids movie cheese to it, but it works for the Peanuts because they welcome it. Although the trailer did not give much of what will happen, that's just the Peanuts. I am ready for what is to come, hopefully what is to come is better than what I imagine it to be and it stays true to the Peanuts fashion.

Ant-Man: I am still excited for this, but my excitement has toned down since the trailer and the walking out of Edgar Wright. I get not every Marvel film isn't supposed to have a funny vibe to it, but this is supposed to be funny, the director of Bring It On and the writer of Anchorman is attached , yet we only get one joke in the film, a joke we kinda got in Guardians of the Galaxy. I want to see action, I want to see Paul Rudd riding one insects, however, I want more of the film's personality. This film has been in production for about 10 years, is that a good thing or a bad thing? With Marvel that is hard to say, seeing Marvel Studios films when it first started was nice, but has become more since then. Will it fit in with what is going on now? Will it fit in with Avengers 3 part 1 and 2? That's kind of what I am excited to see.

Spectre: I felt pretty mixed about Skyfall (Even though it has one of the best James Bond introductions of all time, with an awesome opening song), but James Bond has always been one of the coolest characters ever and Daniel Craig plays the role with a different, but still awesome flavor to it. The trailer has not been released yet, but when it is, it is going full on Marvel and having trailers for trailers. Christoph Waltz is absolutely perfect as a Bond villain, he has that Bond villain vibe to him. As well as Dave Bautista, who has proved his acting chops in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. Even though the trailer has not been dropped, I still consider myself to be pretty excited for this one.

Victor Frankenstein: I did not see I, Frankenstein, I didn't really want to see I, Frankenstein, however this reboot seems interesting to me. They are bringing back the idea of this connected universe between the monsters (most likely to make money off of the Marvel/Tarantino idea and not for nostalgia, but oh well), could they pull that off again? I sure hope so. I also hope they can pull of a Frankenstein reboot overall.

The Hateful Eight: Since Django Unchained, I have been ready for the next thing Tarantino will throw at us. I love Spaghetti Westerns, I love Seven Samurai and Magnificent Seven, and the idea of playing off that idea of the team of unlikely heroes and making it about the bad guys is an awesome plan. I am pretty worried for the outcome, seeing Tarantino has started production not that long ago, and also for the fact that he has been on and off about making the movie, but if time has taught us something, it is that maybe we should trust Tarantino when he promotes getting something done...  Hopefully.

Avengers: Age of Ultron: I liked the Avengers, while it did have flaws like the underdeveloped characters, such as Hawkeye, this one looks more promising. With new characters and new storylines that are said to be coming up, I find myself pretty excited. I hear they are getting into the character of Hawkeye more (A character I actually like in the comic books), as well as Mark Ruffalo's Hulk and a specific relationship between him and another character. This feels like it can be different and oddly darker than the first film, something the trailers do not disappoint in telling.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Anything would be a step up from the last trilogy we got, not to mention getting back into the practical effects and getting rid of Lucas (Sorry about being harsh, but it is true). We may not ever get the original Star Wars with practical effects on DVD, so this will hopefully be the closest thing we'll get to the original trilogies effects in some sort of media again. What do I want most out of this film? I want to explore the Star Wars universe and the new characters, as well as the old characters again. I want some sort of Boba Fett appearance, as well as the awesome tension between Boba Fett and Han Solo. Hopefully, Abrams won't go full Into Darkness on us and stays true to the story.


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