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Community: Season 1

So since we are geeks, who quite often stray over from one area of pop culture into another - we're going to start 
featuring some written thoughts on television as well. So with that having been stated...

It's time for a TV Tangent... from Violet H 

Reasons to watch (or not watch) Community Season 1:

- John Oliver's hilarious one-liners and British snark
- Michael Anthony Hall with a mustache (Ep 12)
- Baba Booey shout out (Ep 20)
- Chevy Chase
- "Ghost" parody man-on-man (Ep 19)
- Episodes named after 17th century French philosophers
- Cameos by Jack Black, Owen Wilson, Ted Rooney, Lisa Renni
- Chevy Chase on fire
- Paintball apocalypse
- Richard Erdman
- Abed wears a Boondocks T-Shirt
- Lots of pop culture references (Matrix, Cheers, Scarface, Good Will Hunting, Happy Days, etc.)



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