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Quick Draw

So since we are geeks, who quite often stray from one area of pop culture into another...

It's time for a TV Tangent... from Violet H 

     Since I forget to turn the television off when I go to bed some nights I occasionally awake to unknown TV in the morning, such as the Hulu comedy series "Quick Draw." The premise of this series is: Harvard graduate John Henry Hoyle becomes the sheriff of Great Bend, Kansas in 1875 -- a position left vacant by the violent death of five predecessors -- and thus bringing forensic science to the Wild West ("CSI" + "Deadwood"). Hoyle is not a manly gun-fisted, man-of-few-words cowboy hero, but a pedant, cartoonish extreme. In the first episode the locals have a death pool going; placing bets on how many days until he croaks. Predictably Hoyle gets shot...and operated on by the mortician...and he wakes to learn that the mortician wasn't sure where he was shot despite the fact he was shot in front of everyone in the town...and is bleeding in these areas...and that something was removed but not the bullets...and no one is sure what it was...and on and on...running it into the comedic coffin for a well deserved rest.

     The series stars John Lehr as Hoyle -- you might recognize him from the GEICO Cavemen commercials, as well as from "10 Items or Less" -- who is credited as a writer for the show, but the show isn't exactly "written;" it's improvised a la the Larry David "Curb Your Enthusiasm" genre. This peppers the episodes with gags which can garner a giggle here and there, but overall it loses momentum -- even at a mere 23 minutes an episode. It quickly becomes lame with its blatant attempts at Western parody ("Brisco County Jr." it ain't) and run-on dialogue. I admit it sucked me in for a second and made me laugh (twice), but the characters quickly became trite and forgettable. I forced-watched my way through the first season to write this review and that my dears is the only reason I watched them all. However, I may be stupid because Hulu has opted for season two of the carry on it will but with one less viewer. 


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