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Under the Mesmerizing Skin

by Bryan Renfro

     This… this is the reason I go to the movies. Every once and a while I see something that is so captivating as a movie-going experience that I am reminded why I love it so much. Johnathan Glazer’s “Under the Skin” is such an undertaking, both visually and structurally, that it…

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Crystal Fairy and Michael's Magical Mescaline Migration

  by Allan Day 

     Full disclosure: I have been to a higher plane of existence. At least, that's how it felt at the time. Hallucinogens will do that to you. That is why people seek them out; it's called a “trip” because that's what it feels like: a journey to a different kind of consciousnes…

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Pacific Rim


by Dave "The Conduit" Davis

Director: Guillermo del Toro

Stars: Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi 

The Plot: There are always a couple of films that look like they're going to be the stand outs in the Summer season when the first trailers start to come out. For me, one of th…

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Cruel Summer? The Films of 2013, So Far.


by Dave "The Conduit" Davis

     Maybe it's just me, but has this summer's films seemed more violent than usual? 

     I'm not calling for Hollywood to examine itself, or that our children will be scarred ("Won't someone think of the CHILDREN?"). It's just an observation, …

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Eight CG Arms to Hold You


     by Bryan Renfro

     What can I say about the movie "Spiders"?? Well I can tell you this, they are not misleading you with the title. There are in fact - spiders. Many spiders. Mutant spiders. Giant spiders. Space spiders!! In fact, it's the fun setup that made me want to watch th…

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