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Valentine's Picks for Louisville Magazine

So the February issue of "Louisville Magazine" asked our host (that Bryan guy) to pick some movies for Valentine's Day. Of course, he picked some "special" movies. If anybody's interested... we've posted all the picks on our Patreon page. Join the club...


Louisville Magazine's Swig


Louisville Magazine published the new Swig, which happens to focus on "boozy movies". And they asked our host (that Bryan character) to submit his choice for an alcohol-infused movie. If anyone's actually interested, message Bryan on Facebook and he can tell you what movie he chose. 



Louisville Magazine

Movie Meltdown was mentioned in December's issue of Louisville Magazine. Check it out...





Check out  Movie Meltdown's

"Meltdown Macabre 2"

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"Cryptid Carnival"

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"The Yeti Spaghetti Show!"

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So... guess who was named as one of The Best Local Louisville Podcasts

MOVIE MELTDOWN that's who!! Check it out...



Last year Movie Meltdown was featured in The Courier Journal!

Here's the link to the article written by Emily Hagedorn...



 Here's the piece in LEO about our recent movie-themed art show!! 

Here's a link to the article... 


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