Movie Meltdown

     "So as many of you know, I'm kind of a geek. A movie geek, to be more specific. And it's basically been going on since childhood. But as further evidence, I was recently moving some old boxes around and came across several boxes of old t-shirts. And a good majority of them were movie-related. So I thought, (as any geek would) I should document these long forgotten movie promotion artifacts. And then I thought, in addition to just these few boxes of shirts I found, I would open 'the project' up to everyone! Because I think wearing these shirts (back in the day, when people did things unironically) was a testament to how big a movie geek you were. Every time you put one on, it unabashedly proclaimed to the world... "I'm a geek, and I like movies." It gave a silent affirmation that movies were what you loved, and it visually claimed your dedication to your dorky, film obsessed lifestyle.

     So I put out the call! Show me your old-school movie T-shirts! That's right, these days it's pretty easy to get a shirt with an image from almost any movie on it. But I want to go back... when they were a little harder to come by. So let's say the movie/T-shirt worn has to be at least ten years old. 

     And maybe you aren't some hoarding weirdo that has them all stashed away in boxes - no problem. Just find a picture of you wearing your movie tee back in the day, and e-mail it to us ( or send it to us on Facebook. 

     So every week I'm going to post a new shirt! Either from my stockpile, or from one of the other people connected to "Movie Meltdown" - or from you! I want this to be a group collective, and I want to see just what hard-core geeks we are dealing with. So go dig out some old photos or go look through the back of your closets, because it's time to let loose... The T-Shirt Project!!" - Bryan


Movie GeekBryan     Shirt: Dick Tracy

"Here's another one in the string of Dick Tracy shirts I had. In fact, I guess this one is the most basic... just being the general logo for the film. Now I did like the movie, but in actuality I think the reason I had SO many shirts from it was just because - they made SO many! Seriously... there was just a massive wave of marketing and merchandise that came with this movie's release. Following on the heels of the previous year's huge Batman merchandising push... they thought they would step it up a notch and make even more trendy items, so they wouldn't miss out on the marketing window. Sadly for them, the movie didn't do near as well at the box office as they would have hoped. And I'm guessing a good amount of that merchandise ending up going on clearance a month or so later. But truthfully, I don't think that's when I got my shirts. I kind of remember getting most of them around when the movie opened, because (as I've stated in previous posts) back in the day, there just weren't as many pop culture, specifically movie-themed, items made. Toys occasionally, if it was a big action/adventure/family-friendly release, but T-shirts and the like were just way less plentiful. So when I ran across a movie shirt, I usually snapped it up. (Which is probably why I have so many to add to this page.) Anyway, that's more or less why we're looking at 'another' Dick Tracy shirt. They just made a lot of variations... and I kept buying them." - Bryan 

Week 7- Wave 2: 2/16/16  


Movie GeekBryan     Shirt: Elvira

"So here's my Elvira T-Shirt from back in the day...

with a touching little poem on the back. 

Obviously I thought Elvira was pretty cool, because I wore it so much, the image was starting to fall off. 

Little did I know, years later I would end up interviewing her for the show.   

Lucky for me, not only was she cool... but she was a really interesting person to talk with. She's lived a fascinating life." - Bryan 

Week 6 - Wave 2: 2/2/16  


Movie GeekBryan     ShirtBugs Bunny

"Now I've always considered the classic Warner Brothers cartoons... to be cinema. While yes, later generations would grow up watching cartoons in their living room, back when those original shorts were created - they were created for the theater. They had to be, since basically no one in America had a television yet. So they were specifically made as animated, short films to run in movie theaters. And to me, that will always make them part of the old school theatrical experience. And this shirt, was celebrating the 50th anniversary of Bugs Bunny's first cartoon. Which would have put this shirt coming out around 1990. Let's face it, that Bugs Bunny... is a huge movie star." 

By the way, for those of you lacking in math skills (like myself), that means last year was his 75th birthday. Gotta say... he looks pretty good for an old rabbit." - Bryan 

Week 5 - Wave 2: 1/19/16  


Movie GeekBryan     Shirt: Ghostbusters 2

 "As we prepare for a new entry in the franchise this Summer, check out this blast from the past from the last bustin' outing." - Bryan 

Week 4 - Wave 2: 1/12/16  


Movie GeekBryan     ShirtStar Trek 5

"Ok it's dorky enough to be wearing a Star Trek shirt, but I'd say it ups the ante when it's Star Trek 5. What is probably considered to be everyone's least favorite Star Trek movie. (At least with the old crew.)

And don't think you are safe from the back... it re-states what movie it is even once people have walked past you. Oh well, I suppose none of that stopped me from proclaiming my sci-fi dorkiness." - Bryan  

Week 3 - Wave 2: 1/5/16  


Movie Geek: Bryan     Shirt: Lethal Weapon 2

"This is one of the few movie geek pocket tees I've ever had. Again this was so long ago... this sort of promotional merchandise wasn't readily available in stores. (Pssst... the internet wasn't really a thing in '89.) So this came directly from the Warner Brothers studio catalog. (Yes... without the existence of the internet they used to make these paper things called catalogs. I know... these were strange and unusual times.) 

But for a movie geek back in the day, it was one of the few ways to display your fandom. And that I did. 

And in case you were unclear that this was a shirt promoting 'the sequel' they placed a subtle hint on the back of the shirt." - Bryan

Week 2 - Wave 2: 12/29/15  


MORE T-Shirts were uncovered!! It's a Christmas miracle!!

Movie Geek: Bryan     Shirt: It's a Wonderful Life

"Ha... I told you I had at least one more box of shirts lost somewhere out there. And recently, while shifting and moving stuff around in an effort to relocate to a new place - I came across another box of movie T-shirts! And to celebrate this Christmas miracle, I'm kicking off this new wave of shirts with none other then possibly the most classic of holiday classics - "It's a Wonderful Life". Yes for several years there, I believe I would come rolling out on Christmas morning in this fancy attire. Even on Christmas... I had to be a movie geek.  

So there are many more old school movie tees in the box, and we should be getting back on-track with the weekly shirt posts for several months into 2016! But don't let that discourage YOU from sending in photos of your classic movie shirts. You too can still join in on this project. E-mail your ancient shirt photos to: and we'll add them to the mix. Oh yeah, and happy holidays to all the Movie Meltdown listeners out there. Thanks for supporting us all these years!" - Bryan

Update: 12/22/15  


Finally an Update from one of YOU!!

Movie Geek: Robin     Shirt: The Gore Gore Girls

"I got my Gore Gore Girls shirt sometime in the late 90's. I wore it to see The Dead Elvi play in NJ on Halloween, and to a Chiller Theater Convention. It got many comments!" - Robin

Update: 1/5/15    


Movie Geek: Bryan     Shirt: Joe Bob Briggs


Well, I've been putting this entry off for a couple of weeks now... because I knew it was my last. At least for now that is. I've run out of all the old movie T-Shirts that I uncovered back when I started this project. But... the thing is, I know there is at least one more box out there somewhere! There is one more accumulation of geeky shirts waiting for me to uncover. And hopefully before long, I will come across them. But for now, maybe this is a good shirt for me to end on. Because it was a pivotal point in my development as a movie geek. When I discovered Joe Bob hanging around on my late night TV... a new door opened up. Suddenly I was exposed to not just a whole new batch of movies that I'd never seen before, but also this new perspective. Listening to Joe Bob give his thoughts on not just the individual movies, but the "genre" of drive-in movies made me start to change my way of thinking about movies. And this new level of movie geek opened up in me, that also wanted to sit around talking about the specifics and dynamics of films that the majority of the world could care less about. It became not just the early basis for "Movie Meltdown", but how I would approach and converse about films from that point on. Pretty heavy impact for a silly show on in the middle of the night on cable television. But I suppose we never know where our inspiration will come from. So with that I will quote the motto I still live by... "The Drive-in Will Never Die"!

So... until I unearth some more ancient T-Shirts, I leave the rest of this on-going project - TO YOU!! You must carry on... you must send in YOUR old T-Shirt photos!! I've posted more then my share of apparel memories, now it's your turn. Send in your old movie shirts!! (And thanks for coming along for this trip down memory lane... Bryan)

Week 35: 5/13/14  


Movie Geek: Bryan     Shirt: A Close Shave


Wallace and Gromit are back! Around the same time as last week's entry, I also picked up this shirt featuring the boys on their motorbike and sidecar from "A Close Shave".

Another great short film directed by Nick Park. And yes, "A Close Shave" ALSO won the Academy Award for an Animated Short Film in 1996. Nick Park is bad-ass! - Bryan

Week 34: 4/15/14  


Movie Geek: Bryan     Shirt: The Wrong Trousers


So the last couple of weeks we've veered into movie spin-off animated shirts. This week we head into even more uncharted trend territory. Because... how often do you come across a T-Shirt for an Oscar-winning short film?! I'd say, not very likely. I doubt you'll pass by a kid at the mall wearing a T-Shirt for "The Lady in Number 6". Or see a hipster at the coffee shop wearing a "Harvie Krumpet" shirt.

But back in the day, short films found a new hero, two actually. Wallace and Gromit. These two likable characters (well Gromit's pretty likable anyway) brought short films into the pop culture in a way that they never had been before. They became so well known, they even had their own T-Shirts. An THIS one is particular, is probably one of the most clever T-Shirts I have ever seen. It doesn't even mention what it's specifically from! It just features a poster seen in 1993's "The Wrong Trousers". Featuring one of the funniest characters to ever waddle his way into stop motion animation! "The Wrong Trousers" is amazing and is probably my favorite of Nick Park's original run of Wallace and Gromit shorts. And yes, it did win the Academy Award for Animated Short Film in 1993. If you haven't seen it, go watch it now... it's phenomenal animation and completely hilarious. - Bryan

Week 33: 4/8/14  


Movie Geek: Bryan     Shirt: Beetlejuice


Ah ha... we're back with more Beetlejuice!! 

My love of the ghost with the most continues this week with a head shot. An exploding one at that!! This one as well has the trademark of "The Geffen Film Company" and it's dated 1990. Beetlejuice... that guy obviously helped shape my life. - Bryan

Week 32: 4/1/14  


Movie Geek: Bryan     Shirt: Beetlejuice


Well, I threw the challenge out there last week for other people to submit some cool shirts, but no one was up to the task. And that request also came with a threat... I said, if no one sent anything in I was busting out my movie-themed animated shirts. So here you go!

I'm counting the Beetlejuice animated series shirts as a movie geek sub-section, since the animated version of Beetlejuice would have never existed without the film. So for this new spin-off section I bring you an ancient shirt. It does have a trademark from "The Geffen Film Company" and it's dated 1989. It was a fun and freaky show and the shirt follows suit. - Bryan

Week 31: 3/25/14  


Movie Geek: Bryan     Shirt: Batman


So during that initial release of Tim Burton's "Batman", there was a flood of marketing. Everything from action figures to party favors to... variant T-Shirts.  Back then I had at least three different Batman logo T-Shirts. Obviously the original black one was my favorite (see the post about that one below...), but it was followed closely by this shirt. Mostly because it was such a weird variation. The fading color change on the bat, the usual speckled background - it was just so different then any other Batman shirt I'd ever seen. And kind of cool... in it's own odd way. When I first rediscovered this shirt, at first glace I immediately assumed it was a knock-off. There were tons of fake, unlicensed Batman shirts and merchandise being produced in the year or so that followed the release of that movie. But if you look close, it surprisingly has a D.C. trademark listed underneath the image. So I guess it was actually officially licensed as a tie-in shirt. Or at least if it's a knock-off, it's such a good one they bothered to put a fake trademark on it. Regardless, I always liked this weird Batman shirt... I guess that's all that mattered. - Bryan

Week 30: 3/11/14  


Movie Geek: Don     Shirt: A Clockwork Orange


"Undoubtedly the gem of my collection, this Clockwork Orange tee was found just off the campus of the University of Evansville, in a dingy little store that also offered incense, black-light posters and Sandman collections. Despite its origins as a cheap bootleg, the shirt held up for nearly a decade, easily outlasting that smug look on my face. In fairness, who wouldn't exhibit a little unearned swagger in a garment like that? Wearing it was a temporary vacation from dorkiness. For awhile at least, I was cured all right." - Don (photo from 1995)

Week 29: 3/4/14  


Movie Geek: Lucy     Shirt: Cannes Film Fest


"I bought this t-shirt, which commemorates the 41st Cannes Film Festival, in a tourist shop during a school trip to France when I was 12. It was one of two that I purchased, both of which have been worn with such frequency over the decades that they are in near tatters." - Lucy 

Week 28: 2/25/14  


Movie Geek: Bryan     Shirt: Indiana Jones


So this week we come to a series of probably completely forgotten general "Indiana Jones" T-Shirts. But that's what I thought was cool about them, they weren't promoting one specific movie, but more the legend of Indiana Jones! With new and very stylized artwork, they featured scenes of OTHER adventures, to add to the mystery and legacy of the character... Indiana Jones. 

Here's a close-up of the cool, original artwork - on the back of the shirt.

And this was the insignia on the front. It's actually kind of simple and stylish... for a movie geek T-Shirt anyway. It's got a LucasFilm copyright of 1989, so this series of shirts would have come out in conjunction with the marketing for "...The Last Crusade". But again, I appreciate that it doesn't say that directly on the shirt. It's just sort of a generalized advertising for ALL his adventures. Basically making Indiana Jones "a brand" more then anything else. Pretty clever move actually.  And as I said, this was a series of shirts, because I know I had at least one other one with the same logo on the front and different artwork on the back. I may post a picture of the other one in the future, but I haven't unearthed the box it's hidden away in... yet. The archaeological apparel "dig" continues... Bryan

Week 27: 2/11/14  


Movie Geek: Bryan     Shirt: James Dean


This week is James Dean's birthday, so I thought it was a good time to work in this shirt. In fact, on this coming week's episode of "Movie Meltdown", Lucy and I were just talking about being angsty teenagers who were slightly obsessed with James Dean. Hell, I guess that's been going on with angsty teens since the 50's. And I suppose I fell into that category myself, because as I began to appreciate "classic films" - James Dean was certainly an early draw. Talented and charismatic, he still seemed to symbolize what I and every kid goes through at that point in their life. And so I came across this T-Shirt. Basically just some company cashing in on his recognizable image. But for me, it was just James Dean being a bad-ass. And I worn that shirt... a lot. Hell, if it still fit, I'd wear it right now. All these years later, James Dean is still awesome. I guess they're right, some things never change. - Bryan

Week 26: 2/4/14  


Movie Geek: Bryan     Shirt: Dick Tacy


This week, let's delve back into the never-ending amount of Dick Tracy shirts that were made. Yes, this had to be one of the most highly-marketed films in history. Especially for a movie that wasn't really that well received. Oh well, it didn't stop them from making a ton of merchandise - which included this shirt. 

And of course the image wraps completely AROUND the shirt! Because why wouldn't it? - Bryan

Week 25: 1/28/14  


Movie Geek: Chris     Shirt: Pink Flamingos


"My prized Pink Flamingos shirt. Acquired in 1999 from a limited (1500) prints for the 25th anniversary VHS release. 

I wore it when I met John Waters in November 2001 in Baltimore, then again when he came to Louisville in November 2006. The second meeting, I had him sign it, and finally retired it. It shows sure signs of love and wear, tattered collar and pit stains, the autograph still looks like the day he signed it.

My favorite film of all time, and I have never found another copy of the shirt.

We are the filthiest people alive!"  - Chris

Week 24: 1/21/14  


Movie Geek: Bryan     Shirt: Dark Man


This week features a fun and under appreciated Sam Raimi movie. And a shirt that features a huge area of lettering. As I remember, it held in the heat in an odd way. Perhaps the text was actually made of a failed attempt at synthetic skin? - Bryan

Week 23: 1/14/14  


Movie Geek: Bryan     Shirt: Universal Studios - Florida


 Speaking of that trip to "Universal Studios Florida" (in the "Back to the Future" entry), while there I also picked up this shirt. As I said before, wearing general studio-themed shirts is super geeky. And the theme park variant... extra dorky. - Bryan

Week 22: 1/7/14  


Movie Geek: Bryan     Shirt: Back to the Future


 Since this week's entry is on New Year's Eve, I thought we should work in a shirt/movie that centers around clocks and time. I was/am a huge "Back to the Future" fan, and this was the first BTTF shirt I ever got. Doing the math in my head (which is trouble already), I'm estimating I probably got this shirt about 1988. In fact, at that point, it seemed like they weren't really making that many "Back to the Future" shirts (unlike now when there seem to be hundreds of different variations). 

But back then, I had to make a trip to "Universal Studios Flordia" to find one. And I believe... the ride wasn't even up and running at the time. But at least I got my awesome, DeLorean-filled shirt! - Bryan

Week 21: 12/31/13  


Movie Geek: Bryan     Shirt: MGM



Since this week's entry is on Christmas Eve, I thought it was fitting to feature this shirt since I believe it was a Christmas gift from my cousin years ago. Yes, you know you are a movie geek when you are getting studio-themed T-shirts. That's hard-core geeky right there. - Bryan

Week 20: 12/24/13  


Movie Geek: Bryan     Shirt: (Tim Burton's) Batman 



Ahhh, my first Batman shirt. There would be several variations to come, but this was the first simple logo shirt that I bought. It was released with the massive push of promotional products that came out at the beginning of the Summer before the big June release of Tim Burton's "Batman". I'm pretty sure I bought this probably a month or more before the movie's release, because I remember wearing it to school the very last day. Proclaiming my geekiness... and looking ahead to the greatest moment of the Summer. I believe there was only one other guy who saw it and said something to the effect of, "Hey, that movie looks pretty cool." There was an unspoken moment of dorky solidarity... and then we both went back to pretending to be cool.

I also wore it to the opening day showing... like a true geek would. I went with my cousin to the first showing of the day. We felt like we'd accomplished something because we'd seen the movie before the majority of the rest of the country. Geek pride. I think later that night I continued wearing it as patrolled my neighborhood, looking for villains to thwart. There may or may not have also been a cape involved at that point.  - Bryan

Week 19: 12/17/13  


Movie Geek: Bryan     Shirt: Planet of the Apes


So... this shirt is AWESOME. 

It was put out in '96 and I wore it a lot... for obvious reasons. Now I like when people write in and add specific stories that accompany their T-shirt. So... if I remember correctly, this was the shirt I was wearing the night I went to see a version of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" that was put on as a special presentation - at a country and western bar! Yeah that's right, a bar full of drunk rednecks watching half-naked kids strut around in their underwear. And as you probably know, a few of them were guys in woman's underwear. How could this possibly end well?!! Some clueless marketing person obviously put this idea together. That place was certainly NOT my scene, but I think out of sheer morbid curiosity, I had to see how it played out. I can't believe anyone in that place made it out alive. These days the shirt doesn't really fit anymore and it's looking a little weathered, but surprisingly after that night - it doesn't have any bloodstains on it.  - Bryan

Week 18: 12/10/13  


Movie Geek: Bryan     Shirt: Robin Hood


So, did anybody actually NEED a "Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves" T-Shirt?!? Nope. Did it stop me from having one and wearing it for several years there. Nope. I wore it anyway. That's right, everyone's favorite Robin Hood movie.

Week 17: 12/03/13  


Movie Geek: John     Shirt: Close Encounters


More old-school awesomeness from John... 

"Close Encounters, even as a kid I knew that Special Edition ending was bullshit. Here I am probably showing granddad the terror of the E.T. Atari game. " - John 


Thanks again to John for sharing his childhood. 

Week 16: 11/26/13  


Movie Geek: John     Shirt: E.T.


I love when you kids dig up the old photos! And it's even better when they are accompanied by cool (or creepy), nostalgic memories... 

"I used to have E.T. dreams as a kid. One where I caught "E.T. Disease" and had to go to the hospital because I was turning into E.T. It was a tragic scene, people crying and I'm half kid, half E.T. Kinda like The Fly. " - John 


Awesome! Thank you John for sharing your childhood. 

Week 15: 11/19/13  


Movie Geek: Tom      Shirt: Dick Tracy


This is already our 2nd "Dick Tracy" entry. And again, it features the character Breathless Mahoney... 

"Was a HUGE fan of Madonna's and Disney promoted the hell out of her in Dick Tracy. Collected all the T's, even boxer shorts." - Tom

Week 14: 11/12/13  


Movie Geek: Christian      Shirt: The Princess Bride


As we head out of our Halloween/horror tribute, Christian brings us a Princess Bride shirt that she says she's had for over 10 years... 

"Obviously not an original issue, but a coveted wardrobe choice when I ran across it years later. It has let me in on the cult following the movie has accrued as people like to throw random lines at me when they see me wearing it. The shirt got just as much wear as did the VHS tape at the video store in our town when I was a kid." - Christian

Week 13: 11/5/13  


Movie Geek: John      Shirt: Maniac Cop


John is in the witness relocation program and has thus obscured his face. Which just adds to this creepy Halloween entry! 

"Maniac Cop shirt in '99 brought all the gals to the yard. My wife told her friend that she went out with some homeless dude in a Maniac Cop Shirt." - John

Week 12: 10/29/13  


Movie Geek: Chris      Shirt: The Exorcist


"Captain Howdy do you think my mom's pretty? Haha 

What an excellent day for an exorcism. 

Even though that's not the image of captain howdy... that's my favorite line." - Chris

Week 11: 10/22/13  


Movie Geek: Chris      Shirt: American Psycho


"I have to go return some video tapes." - Chris

Week 10: 10/15/13  


Movie Geek: Bryan    Shirt: The Lost Boys

While we're on the horror-theme... this was pretty much part of my standard geek uniform for years and years. I wore it so often, you'll notice the lettering started to fade. In fact, the red wore off pretty early on, and I liked the shirt so much, I kept re-inking the red back onto the letters in "The Lost Boys". - Bryan

Week 9: 10/8/13  


Movie Geek: Bryan    Shirt: Psycho

So we've crossed over into October, and we're going to kick-off a month-long showcase of horror-themed T-Shirts! And what better way to start things off then with one of the best horror/suspense movies ever made! Yes, you know you are a dorky teenager when you are cruising around in a Hitchcock shirt. But looking at it now, it makes it even more obvious why I was always alone. Lurking around wearing a shirt that said "Psycho" on it real big didn't seem to win people over. But I didn't care, I loved this shirt (still do) and wore  it regularly. 

Here's a close up of the bad-ass artwork!! What a way to usher in October! - Bryan

Week 8: 10/1/13  



Movie Geek: Bryan    Shirt: Die Hard 2


Yes, I know it's from "Die Hard 2". Everyone's least favorite Die Hard movie... until they made 4 and 5. But who cares, because it had a huge picture of John McClane on on it!! I was, and am, a huge "Die Hard" fan. So I immediately bought this shirt... (somewhere around when this movie first came out) and I remember wearing it A LOT! A proclamation of my love for cheesy action movies. Yippie-Ki-Yay MotherFucker! - Bryan

Week 7: 9/24/13  



Movie Geek: Bryan    Shirt: Dick Tracy


One of several Dick Tracy shirts I bought back in the day. Remember back when the world didn't hate Madonna? It seems so long ago...    Bryan

Week 6: 9/17/13  



Movie Geek: Patrick T.     Shirt: Dead Alive


  "Well, I got the shirt around 1996 if I'm not mistaken. I was visiting a friend who was wearing it at the time. I had seen the movie but have never seen this version of the t-shirt he was wearing. It had to be mine. Dead Alive is one of my favorite gore/zombie movies of all time. After a little persuading it was in my possession. I had to trade a few comic books and the Corrosion of Conformity shirt that I was wearing but I was happy, real happy. I don't really have any good stories to go along with this shirt but I can tell you that I always get compliments when I wear it." - Patrick


Thank you so much to Patrick for sharing. That T-Shirt trade out is great! Keep the submissions coming in!  - Bryan 

Week 5: 9/10/13  



Movie Geek: Chris      Shirt: Tromeo & Juliet 

"My most prized thrift store find, acquired around 2000. I paid less than $3 and wore this shirt over 1000 times. Once I wore it to a Dave Brockie Experience show (3 members of Gwar) - I met with Brockie after the show and my shirt prompted a conversation that led to a video interview. Brockie stating that he wished 'Gwar could do for music what Troma does for film.' The shirt is now covered in holes, stretched out around the neck and has some pretty gnarly pit-stains... and I still wear it! I love this shirt." - Chris 



 Thank you so much to Chris for not only sharing an awesome movie geek shirt, but showing that it was truly lived in! Those are the best. - Bryan

Week 4: 9/3/13    



Movie Geek: Bethany       Shirt: Cloak and Dagger

Here is our first entry from outside the group! And I'm happy to welcome Bethany into the mix.  She writes...

     "A while back I bought a big collection of original vintage promo movie T shirts from someone who had saved them for years and years. I bought them to sell in my shop (, all except this one. I couldn't possibly part with this one! When I held it in my hands for the first time, I'm quite sure I was smiling like a kid on Christmas day. Isn't it great? 

     I still have some of that collection left, if you want to check it out it is all right here - 

     Thanks for asking me for a pic, I always love talking about vintage T-Shirts... I'm excited to read more posts in your new series!!  -  Bethany"
Thank you so much to Bethany. And check out some of those other vintage T-Shirts she has for sale. I didn't know the market was so hot. I guess I may be sitting on a goldmine! Too bad, I'm too big of a geek to part with them. Thanks again to Bethany. Keep the entries coming in... Bryan

Week 3: 8/27/13    



Movie Geek: Bryan      Shirt: RoboCop


So here's my "RoboCop" T-Shirt we are talking about on Episode 240. It's from a few years after the original movie release, since it's got an "Orion Picture Corporation" copyright of 1990.

Click here : for the episode where we are discussing this exact shirt, as well as lots of "RoboCop" talk! - Bryan

 Week 2:  8/20/2013



Movie Geek: Bryan      Shirt: Return of the Jedi

Ok, I'm kicking things off with the classic, of my collection. The oldest movie T-shirt of mine that still exists (or that I have uncovered so far anyway.) I present, my "Return of the Jedi" shirt! 

Yes, it's original issue, and thus it's so small that our lovely model Mr. Bones had to wear it. It is a vinyl photo style T-shirt. Yeah, they were very popular back in the day. And that also means, I more than likely went to the T-shirt store (probably at the mall) and actually chose what color/style t-shirt to put the image on. And I chose black. Which goes to show you "that thing" that has happened now, where you go to a convention and it's just a sea of black T-shirts with pop culture images slapped on them.  Well, obviously that mode kicked in pretty early for me. 

Here's a close up of the handsome Jabba and Bib image with cool sail barge artwork in back and an array of weird characters from Jabba's palace surrounding them. It does have an official Lucasfilm Ltd. copyright on it, and it's dated 1983.  

And I'd say, that's a nice way to launch this new endeavor...  Bryan

Week 1:  8/13/2013



More Coming Soon!!


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