Movie Meltdown

Previous Events...

The Sunday Meltdown!

"Attack of the Killer Soundtrack" presents the first of our live music Sunday nights - featuring music from Boa and Voodoo Economics! Plus a special mix of soundtrack music from "Attack of the Killer Soundtrack". 

- And we'll be unveiling our awesome NEW limited edition T-Shirt!

(Admission is free, but donations to support the bands are encouraged! )

When: Sunday, August 28th    

Doors open a 6:30PM, bands start at 7:30PM

Where: Nancy's Bagel Grounds

2101 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY 40206

The Star Wars Summit

Thank you to everyone who participated in our epic Star Wars-themed discussion! 

For those of you who were selected to participate, wookie cookies and bantha milk were provided. 

To hear the episodes, go to:

and for part 2:


Krampus Night

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Krampus Night events at Sink or Swim Art Gallery

We had a lot of fun and special guests like - Freddy Claws!!

For more on the gallery and Ryan's art, go to:

To hear the episode, go to:


Meltdown Macabre 3

Thank you to everyone who came out to our 3rd annual Halloween festivities! 

This year's party was coming from "Gallery K"! A big thank you to everyone there for having us there!  

Go support them:

To hear the episode, go to:


The Movie Geek Art Show - Part 2

Thank you to everyone who came out to the "Part 2" art opening!! It is a great collection of art! 

And the artwork will be hanging up at Gallery K through the month of August - go check it out!! 


The Movie Geek Art Show - Part 1 

THANK YOU to everyone to came out to the Movie Geek Art Show opening on June 26th!

A big THANK YOU to Kelly Toon for her live artwork that night!

And to both Swino and Plastic Melodies, two terrific bands that played for us! 

You are all awesome and I really thank you for your support! 



All original movie-themed artwork! 

Friday, June 26th

At Nancy's Bagel Grounds

2101 Frankfort Ave. 

6PM til 10PM 

During the F.A.T. Friday Trolley Hop! 

Plus live music from...

Plastic Melodies!



Swino from Lexington!


Plus COSTUMES!! So we've had a couple of people talk about coming "in costume" as movie characters. (Which we actually used to do back when we started these shows, like 8 years or more ago.) So we're bringing it back! We are making it optional to show up to the show dressed as one of your favorite characters from a movie. So start planning your costume NOW!!   


And caricatures! Our friend Kelly Toon is coming back to draw caricatures at the show... and this time, she'll be drawing YOU as your favorite movie character!!



Meltdown Macabre 2


Thank you to everyone who came out to the live show! Bermudan was awesome!! We had great original music, a cool movie and people even seemed to enjoy the weird cartoons! Plus we had an interesting conversation built around the movie afterwards (which should be coming up on the show in the near future). All around, a really fun night. Thanks to everyone who came out and even bigger thanks to those who helped put it together! ( Jacqueline,Nick, Alisha, Sterling and everyone else who pitched in!) 

Movie Meltdown presents
The Second Annual Halloween Event...
Meltdown Macabre 

This year includes a showing of the silent movie adaptation of 
Edgar Allan Poe's classic 
"The Fall of the House of Usher" 
featuring a LIVE performance 
of an original score by

Plus the first act of the evening is a special feature - the
Cavalcade of Creepy Cartoons!! 


Saturday, October 18th 2014


Nancy's Bagel Grounds 

2101 Frankfort Ave. 

Louisville, Ky. 

Show starts at 7:00PM, music starts at 8:00PM

Plus... this event is FREE!

(But we will be accepting donations to fund our upcoming regular movie nights!)

Plus we'll wrap up the evening with a "live" recording of an episode of "Movie Meltdown", featuring a group discussion of our reaction to this version of "The Fall of the House of Usher" as well as other adaptations of Poe's work in film.


Don't miss this evening of spooky fun!!


Cryptid Carnival!

THANKS to everyone who came out to the Cryptid Carnival!

  Friday, July 25th 2014

Movie Meltdown presents...

Cryptid Carnival

featuring the

Tales from the Crypids

Art Show!

Original Cryptid-themed artwork!


Movie Meltdown's "Cryptid Carnival" will feature LIVE performances from... Sweatermeat


and The Formalities!!


We'll be showing Ron Schildknecht's film 

"The Legend of the Pope Lick Monster"

after dark! And we'll have the director on-hand to ask him some questions

about his connection to the legend and about making his movie. 


Live Music!  


Belly Dancing! 

LIVE Cryptids! 

 AND... we'll be recording an episode of Movie Meltdown

 right there in the middle of the show!!


Mark your calendars now people!!

Friday, July 25th


Nancy's Bagel Grounds

2101 Frankfort Ave.

Louisville, Ky. 

6pm - ???

Don't miss your chance to see... the Cryptids! 


Listen to our coverage of the event on episode 281:

and on episode 282:



The Return of the Yeti Spaghetti Show

THANKS  to everyone who came out to "The Yeti Spaghetti Show"! It was a great turnout, and as promised - it was a hell of a lot of fun!

The Yeti Spaghetti Show is back! And it's bigger and better then ever! Now featuring the terrific pasta of "The Old Spaghetti Factory"!! So clear out the evening of Feb. 22nd for great spaghetti, a bad Yeti movie, ice cream and even a new drink special available at the bar... "The Drunken Yeti". Beware!!!!  And like last time, we'll be recording an episode of "Movie Meltdown" after the feature... where YOU can weigh in on the movie!


When: Saturday, February 22nd 2014

Where: The Old Spaghetti Factory - 235 W Market Street - Louisville, Ky.

Time: 8:00 PM

What do you get: Your choice of  "The Old Spaghetti Factory" signature dishes either Spaghetti or Fettuccine as well as a soft drink AND ice cream! 

SpaghettiRich Meat Sauce Ground beef sautéed with onions and celery then
 simmered with tomatoes and Italian spices.
Fettuccine Alfredo: Our own version of this classic dish - fettuccine
noodles in a butter cream sauce with shredded Romano cheese.

ALL that for only $15! Tickets will be available at the door at "The Old Spaghetti Factory".

Plus we'll be watching a terrible movie, hanging out and taking pictures with a live YETI and recording an episode of "Movie Meltdown"! And all that entertainment comes FREE!!!

Seating is limited, so tickets will be sold in advance (plus you get the discount price IF you buy your tickets early)!!

Tickets are available NOW at 

The Old Spaghetti Factory - 235 W Market St.

So get yours TODAY!!

Plus don't forget about... "The Drunken Yeti"! 

Yes, we will be featuring our own special drink at the bar, so come out and try the infamous Drunken Yeti! (Mixed drinks will be available for the show, but they are not included with the ticket price... you pay for your own booze people.)

Listen to our coverage of the event on episode 264:


(Scroll down to see photos from the previous Yeti Spaghetti Show!)


(The 1st) Meltdown Macabre

Thank you to everyone who joined us for "Meltdown Macabre"!! 


Movie Meltdown's horror movie DOUBLE FEATURE!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

at The Alley Theater - 1205 E Washington St.


* 7PM - The EXCLUSIVE Louisville area showing of "CHASTITY BITES".

Starring starring Allison Scagliotti of "Warehouse 13".

* 9PM - The classically horrendous flick "MAMA DRACULA".

 Starring Oscar-winner Louise Fletcher. 

* And we conducted a "live" version of "Movie Meltdown", featuring a full group discussion of "Mama Dracula" after the movie! We had quite A LOT to say about that movie. 

 Listen to that coverage on episode 249:

Thanks to everyone who came out!



Thank you to all the terrific artists who contributed to this show. And thank you to "Hilltop Tavern" for hosting this event!! 


Thank you to everyone who came to the opening of "The Movie Geek Art Show!" It was a fun night! 


Movie Meltdown  presents...


at "Hilltop Tavern"

1800 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY 40206

August 30th 2013

And check out the write up in LEO!!

Listen to our coverage on episode 242:

 and episode 243:


The (1st) Yeti Spaghetti Show!

Thanks to everyone who came out to

"The (1st) Yeti Spaghetti Show"! It was a lot of fun!


Listen to episode 202 for all the goings-on!!




Movie Meltdown is a proud member of the Battleship Pretension fleet!