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Flood Tide

 by Kyle Armstrong

     The beginning of the Flood Tide performance showed what would seem to be random short films, that is until you actually get into the film itself, that is when it starts making much more sense. As seen in the beginning of the film, it is shown in more of an American Beauty manor, which really makes sense for a film like this. Like American Beauty, it has a sense of wanting the audience to have more of a grip on reality and telling the audience what their point of view of a misunderstood afterlife truly is. Doing this in a way where we also are not exactly sure what is going on, but "We will learn".

     So what's it about? After the death of a friend, a group of people decide to sail away in her honor (Well, most anyway). What makes this different is their reaction to the death, how calm they all are about it. They even state that her death is mourned at first, but later basically becomes "forgotten".  I really find the calm effect on it interesting. While it isn't something I haven't seen before, it is definitely something I haven't seen in a while.

     That is the overall structure of the film, the idea of life and death, as well as what it truly means to live. This film reminded me of another independent film called The Kings of the Summer, a film about kids that want to get away from chores and rules, so they build their own house out in the middle of nowhere. Like The Kings of the Summer, this is about just getting away from life... to live life.  And Flood Tide seems to work this story out perfectly.

     The character development is also a perfect fit for the film. It isn't in your face about it and it slowly builds the personalities for these characters, as well as the soundtrack (which is very fitting to the film itself).  Toward the end we start to see more developing characters, different characters. Performances that, by the end of the film, deliver the individuals to a place where they become more than what they once were... or at least a better version.

     Overall, Flood Tide is a nice film and was a fun experience. Here is a director that I would definitely like to see more from. Flood Tide is an interesting piece, at times can be witty and can be intelligent, something I highly suggest seeing, if you get the chance.


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